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Work At Height -  Guide to the WAH Regulations

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Step-by-Step Guide on RM for Metalworking Sector
Activity 1: Mechanical Lifting

Scene 3 - Lifting Operation within Safe Working Load Guidelines

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Activity 1 – Mechanical Lifting
- Scene 1 : Authorised Lifting Operation by Appointed Lifting Team
- Scene 2 : Ascertain Risks Along or Near Lifting Area

Activity 2 – Machine Operation and Maintenance
- Scene 1 : Use of Lockout Devices and Safety Block
- Scene 2 : Correct Use of Machine Safety Guard
- Scene 3 : Maintenance of Machine Safety Guard

Activity 3 – Working in Noisy Environment
- Scene 1 : Prevent Noise Transmission by Putting Up An Enclosure
- Scene 2 : Correct Way of Wearing Ear Plugs

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