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Group employment size of not more than 200 employees (incluiding part-timers), OR Group annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million.

For subsidiary companies only For Company/Site that shares the same Foreign Country Registration No. as the Parent company

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Senior Management Details Make Changes

Please fill in the senior management (for e.g. CEO/Director/General Manager) contact details correctly, as he/she will be required to submit an online declaration separately for this application.)

Supporting Documents Make Changes

Please go back to the Company Particulars tab to select a bizSAFE Level
Note : Each supporting document should be less than or equal to 5MB

(Attach organization chart with full names and designation to verify senior management of the company.)

(ensure more than 6 months' validity left)

Note: i)
ii) RM Audit Report has 3 years validity from
the date of Audit Report.
Note: i) Ensure more than 3 months' validity.

(ensure more than 3 months' validity left)

Referral by bizSAFE Partner

WSHC Officer


WSH Bulletin/Newsletter/Website


I have read and understood the Guidance Notes to bizSAFE Enterprise.
With effect from 26 September 2017, WSH policies and risk management plans have to consider risks posed by terror threats to qualify for bizSAFE certification.I have read and understood the enhanced bizSAFE curriculum.

  1. 1. SGSecure bizSAFE training notes
  2. 2. SGSecure Guide for Workplaces
  3. 3. Protective Security Advisory for Premises
  4. 4. Contingency Planning Advisory for Premises