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Workplace Health Resources

The holistic management of workplaces must look at both the safety and health aspects of work environment and processes. While workplace safety has an immediate and tangible impact in terms of injuries and fatalities, the impact of workplace health is more insidious, where conditions may have a long gestation period. In managing workplace health issues, there is a need for employers to take proactive and early intervention measures to improve the management of workplace health hazards.

To better manage workplace health issues, MOM and WSH Council have launched a new workplace health strategy to raise standards. The strategy outlined key initiatives, such as stepping up capability building and compliance assistance efforts, rolling out key intervention programmes in specific areas like managing workplace noise. Please click HERE to read the Workplace Health strategy document.

WSH Council has also published various guidelines and materials to aid industry to manage workplace health and occupational diseases, please refer to the links below:

1) WSH Guidelines on Diagnosis and Management of Occupational Diseases

WSH Guidelines on Diagnosis and Management of Occupational Diseases (7MB)
Revised in Feb 2012.

2) WSH Guidelines on Statutory Medical Examinations
WSH Guidelines on Statutory Medical Examinations  (revised in Jan 2013)


1. Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines - Hearing Conservation Programme (Second revision: 2014)
2. Compliance Assistance Checklist – Work in Noisy Environment
3. Worker’s Safety Handbook – Working in Noisy Environment (2MB)
4. Worker’s Safety Handbook – Working with Hazardous Materials (1.5MB)
5. Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines Management of Hazardous Chemicals Programme
6. Compliance Assistance Checklist Management of Hazardous Chemicals Programme

Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
1. Classification (6MB)
2. Factsheet (3MB)
3. Labelling of Chemical Containers (3MB)

4. Safety Datasheet (6MB)

1. Protect Your Hearing Posters
2. Safety Tips for Handling Chemicals Posters
3. Know Your Chemical Symbols.  Be Safe Posters

Videos and Animations

Handling Hazardous Chemicals

Track 1: My Dad
A girl shares her father’s story and stresses the importance of safety.

Track 2: Rusty
A worker injures himself while handling flammable substances.

Track 3: Fumes
Exposure to solvent gases can cost you your life.

Working in Noisy Environment

Track 4: Noise Induced Deafness
The silent disease that creeps up on you. Hear the testimonies of two workers who are victims of noise-induced deafness at work. Take steps to protect your hearing before it is too late.

Track 5: Noise Enclosure
A co-worker explains the importance of having noise enclosures, as well as the consequence of frequent exposure to high level of noise.

Track 6: Correct way of wearing ear plugs
A co-worker demonstrates the correct way of wearing ear plugs using the four simple steps: Squeeze, Roll, Push and Fit.

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Last Updated on 13 Feb 2014