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2007 - Lift Shaft Barricade

Problem As the construction of building progressed, lift shaft openings were constructed not closed for the whole period of construction until the lifts were installed. This would usually be done at the end of the project where architectural finishes were being carried out. The openings hence posed a danger to workers if they were not cordoned off and barricaded. Typically, planks were hammered in place to cordon off the lift shaft's openings at every floor but these were inadequate and required regular maintenance.
Solution A rectangular barricade made of steel and wire netting was fabricated to barricade the opening. The barricade was easily secured to the front of the lift shaft's opening and prevent accidental fall through it. To prevent its removal by workers for floor tiling works; the barricade had an adjustable toe board which would be raised to facilitate tiling works. The barricade also allowed for the hanging of electrical wires and signs hence providing a neat solution to both falling from height and house-keeping issues.

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Cost $26.60 per barricade
Achievements Before control:
Risk level = High
After control:
Risk level = Low

Award :
Occupational Safety and Health Best Practices (Safety Solutions) Award (Outstanding Achievement); Occupational Safety and Health Best Practices (Safety Solutions) Award (Innovation)
Industry Building and Construction
Year 2007
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Last Updated on 08 Aug 2011